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We offer clean, crisp, simple information for people who like to watch and bet on live sport.


The vast majority of sports bets come from people who like to watch and bet on live sport.

So many simply want to do this, but the truth is that it can be extremely frustrating. Trying to compare and combine bookmakers, odds, and viewing schedules, without getting distracted by pop-up ads or bookmakers and TV providers attempting to sign you up is tricky, and that’s before ‘live odds’ and ‘live feeds’ taking over your browser.

We are keen sports enthusiasts. We like to watch high quality, live sport, and spice it up a bit with a bet. We love to pit our wits and sporting knowledge against the bookmakers, for fun, hopefully for profit, and absolutely for entertainment!


We are well informed.

We clearly list all schedules on sports we know to be most popular, AND/OR most profitable for bets.

We’ll recommend just one bookmaker for your live sport, and tell you why we recommend them.


BETFRED are our prime selection for punters serious about their sports betting. Established by Fred Done (‘The Bonus King’), and now a high street name with rock solid reputation, there are a number of features that mean they are our stand-out choice for visitors to our project, in particular:-

BETFRED offer welcome bonuses, as well as many other bonuses and promotions (The Bonus King!), complemented by their wide sports coverage and in-play betting. They also offer live streaming for those without access to BT Sport and Sky Sports.

Cash out, bet ‘in-play’ and a mobile betting platform that is varied, easy to navigate and slick, are all crucial elements for live sports punters. Betfred tick all these boxes – they’re extremely user friendly. With the top sports featured on both their mobile and PC homepages for lightning-quick access, and featured matches and navigation elsewhere easily executed, you can always find what you’re looking for.

As a live TV sports viewer, you are no doubt aware of Betfred’s ‘Bonus King’ marketing. This claim is undoubtedly backed up by a number of features from this leading bookmaker, underpinned by security, top prices and promotions, and flexible, fair customer service.

We keep things simple, we recommend one bookmaker:- the superb Betfred from Fred Done, for your live TV Sports needs and much much more!

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and why.


Arguably the greatest team sport of all time, and one which many punters feel brings a degree of predictability.

Ring fence this a touch more, increase the level, and you have a better chance. We believe International Rugby Union can be
successfully targeted.

Check out our dedicated live Rugby bookmaker section by clicking below:


Of course, football’s popularity continues to grow. For profit though, we believe the best chance is to stick to the UK, as the Champions League brings less ‘like for like’ form.

We suggest no lower than the Championship in
the UK.

Check out our dedicated live Football bookmaker section by clicking below:


Golf is a well known loss-leader for bookmakers, but our recommended bookmaker BETFRED has some of the best offers, highest number of places paid, and the best in running coverge on the European and PGA Tours.

Both tours run almost every week, Thursday to Sunday! Place your bet on a Thursday and watch the action live all weekend – a punter’s paradise! There can surely be no better feeling than picking a golfer on Thursday, or placing them in the running, and then seeing him or her rise to the top on Sunday!

Visit and for updates!

coming up in
march 2019.


 The sport of kings, and with every UK/Ireland horse race available live, through dedicated racing channels, terrestrial TV, or live streaming (from our bookmaker of course), this is an area we need to focus on.

Our new section we hope to dedicate to Totesport as our premier recommendation by March 2019.

Betfred, the bonus kings, cover ‘all the above’, but Totesport is the specialist way forward with the sport of kings.


Our main picks are Betfred and Totesport for our focus on Live TV Sport.

Watching sport live enables you to make more informed, more personal decisions. But of course – with others watching it live, it also adds to the sociability.

Why not check out Betbull?

Betbull is a social betting app, it fits in with our Live Tv Sports focus, and we hope to bring them to you in March 2019.